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Frances Gendlin
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”  –Robert Frost
Paris, Moi, and the Gang:  A  Memoir...of Sorts


...From this book, I take away a belief that visiting Paris for a few weeks of vacation is like taking

a single sip of a fine wine; you get a nice taste but not the full experience.  Whether Paris, Moi and the Gang is fiction or memoir, it is an exceptional book with characters and scenery so well written and described that you are captivated from the first chapter and your interest is held until the final pages. Anyone  contemplating a move to life in Paris must read this book. Think  of it as a test-drive! This book is easy to enjoy; if you add it to your summer reading list, it  won’t disappoint.


Highly Recommend by William Potter

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Paris, Moi and the Gang:

A Memoir...of Sorts

ISBN 10: 0-9823698-0-8

ISBN 13: 9780982369807

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In the first words of the opening chapter, Gendlin writes “God knows I’m not the first American to write about falling under the spell of Paris and coming here to live,” and one of the best things about Paris, Moi and The Gang  is that Gendlin wisely views Paris’s much-written-about history as a resource rather than a drawback. As a guidebook writer, reading obsessively must be an occupational hazard, but her memoir makes it clear that for Gendlin, reading (and reading about Paris) is also a pleasure and a passion. The book is strengthened by her breadth of familiarity with the history of the city and the many writers and artists who’ve called it home. Maybe one of the best compliments I can give as to how much I enjoyed Gendlin’s writing and the strength of her prose is to say that though she often quotes the words of writers like Ernest Hemingway and Gertrude Stein, I never found myself wishing I was reading their writing about Paris, rather than hers.  
                                                                       M. Bostrom for Go.Girl.Magazine.
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